Final results are now published as are the Year to date ones.

Results 2021


Thanks to PIARC and all their helpers, and the Compeditors


2021 rnd 2 interim


I am very sorry to have to make this announcement on behalf of the Motorsport Australia panel that oversees Sprint Events in Victoria.


This week the Victorian Premier announced the introduction of Stage 4 restrictions for Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire and introduced Stage 3 restrictions for regional Victoria. Included in these restrictions was the cancellation of all community sport.  This means that the Victorian Super Sprint round at Phillip Island scheduled for August 23DATE has now been cancelled. 


Given the uncertain and unpredictable nature of the pandemic situation, the Speed Panel has decided to cancel the 2020 Victorian Super Sprint Championship.  As soon as it’s safe to return to motorsport, we’ll be focusing our efforts on supporting Victorian car clubs in running their sprint events for the remainder of the year so that we can all enjoy getting back on the track.


In the meantime, please stay safe and well, and look out for each other.


Bruce Astbury

Chairman, Victorian Speed Panel


PIARC and other clubs are still working to try and get something happening when we get through the worst of this.

We will keep you posted on what is happening.

All Victorian Sprint Calendar

It seems to have got beyond our control.

Here is what the Calendar now looks like, at this stage the ones in grey are looking hazy at this stage. It all depends on how fast we get back to Level 2

We will have announcements about the VSSC as soon as we can sort it out.

All Victorian Sprint Calendar


Well, what can I say.

I had to give up on plan D ( round 1 at PI on the first August).

I am now not sure what plan we are on, i think F. I had reserved plan E for End 😰

PIARC are going to great lengths to try and give people “Access to Motorsport”.

They have moved and amalgamated events again, we are going to try and have VSSC Round 1 on the Sunday of their proposed event 22nd & 23 rd August.

If the travel lockdown of Melbourne is off by then, this would be viable, Phillip Island ( Bass Coast LGA) is still under lower rules so we can have viable and covid_safe numbers at an Outdoor Sporting Event there.

You just have to be able/allowed to get there.

However thing’s are not looking good for Melbourne to be back at level 2 by the 20th August. 

I have attached the All Clubs Calendar. It is possible that we could still put together a valid Multi Round Championship, If the 23rd cannot happen. 

Though it might have to be not all tracks. However obviously we must also consider the possibility that we are unable to run this year. One of the problems is capacity, as we get less overall events for the year, they will have higher attendances, and that makes it harder to ensure that all Championship competitors have fair & equal access to all events.

So stay at home if you feel ill, stay at home if you are a close contact, get tested,  wear a mask and we can still have Club Motor Sport events this year.

Well we are now up to Plan D.

Round One of the Motorsport Australia Victorian State Supersprint Championship will now be at Phillip Island on Sunday 2nd August. They will have their usual Saturday Practice day.

And a huge thanks goes to PIARC for rearranging both their sprint and race calendars to make that possible.

This will be after the individual suburb level 3 lockdown should have ended ( July 29th) and we hope such things have also eased State wide by then.

Obviously if things have not improved or have got worse we may have to change again.

I will keep trying to arrange a viable, fair and equitable competition even if things go further off track. Hopefully one that is multitrack, multi round and one in which everyone who wishes to is able to enter all rounds.

Obviously if that is no longer possible there would be no alternative than to cancel the championship for this year.

On that basis whilst we have rounds two and three still penciled in, ( Winton at end of august and Sandown in October) we might still have to change those plans.

Linked is the current All Clubs events calendar ( as i know it at this stage, all clubs calendars are changing almost daily). Which shows the available events that could possibly host a VSSC Round, though some will have problems freeing enough spots for VSSC Competitors. 



The current Interim results, let me know if there are any Class bugs I still need to hammer.

ASSC 2019 Results

 Now, a lot of competitors had run out of tyres, petrol or energy and left before the end. So we decided to send the awards once I have it all sorted out.

Congratulations to our Champion 

Douglas Barry from Bathurst Club  in a Lola T8750 F3000 in a laptime of 1:24.1456.

( have a look at the track records – but it doesn’t count as it was a Speed Event not a Race) @phillip island Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit.

Thank you to all the Competitors, Clubs, Officials, Supporters and the Track Staff who made it possible for me to run such a Championship.

Congratulations to our Overall Joint Winners, Sally-Anne and Greg and to the runner up Aaron. It is very fitting that we end the Championships with the winners of the last two years as joint champions.

Final Results are in the normal place 

But if all you need are the top threes

I hope to see a lot of you at the Australian Super Sprint Championships.


FHR’s are compulsory for CAMS Permitted Speed Events in 2020.

This means they are Compulsory for Applicable Cars in the Victorian State Supersprint Championship in 2020 as its regulations reference CAMS logbooked classes and operates under a CAMS Permit.

Applicable cars are those that have Seats and Harness etc needed for the FHR to work effectively.

Here is a little explainer. (Click it for Printable Copy)



2019 Australian Supersprint Championship