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Well we are now up to Plan D.

Round One of the Motorsport Australia Victorian State Supersprint Championship will now be at Phillip Island on Sunday 2nd August. They will have their usual Saturday Practice day.

And a huge thanks goes to PIARC for rearranging both their sprint and race calendars to make that possible.

This will be after the individual suburb level 3 lockdown should have ended ( July 29th) and we hope such things have also eased State wide by then.

Obviously if things have not improved or have got worse we may have to change again.

I will keep trying to arrange a viable, fair and equitable competition even if things go further off track. Hopefully one that is multitrack, multi round and one in which everyone who wishes to is able to enter all rounds.

Obviously if that is no longer possible there would be no alternative than to cancel the championship for this year.

On that basis whilst we have rounds two and three still penciled in, ( Winton at end of august and Sandown in October) we might still have to change those plans.

Linked is the current All Clubs events calendar ( as i know it at this stage, all clubs calendars are changing almost daily). Which shows the available events that could possibly host a VSSC Round, though some will have problems freeing enough spots for VSSC Competitors.



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