Plan F going forward

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Well, what can I say.

I had to give up on plan D ( round 1 at PI on the first August).

I am now not sure what plan we are on, i think F. I had reserved plan E for End 😰

PIARC are going to great lengths to try and give people “Access to Motorsport”.

They have moved and amalgamated events again, we are going to try and have VSSC Round 1 on the Sunday of their proposed event 22nd & 23 rd August.

If the travel lockdown of Melbourne is off by then, this would be viable, Phillip Island ( Bass Coast LGA) is still under lower rules so we can have viable and covid_safe numbers at an Outdoor Sporting Event there.

You just have to be able/allowed to get there.

However thing’s are not looking good for Melbourne to be back at level 2 by the 20th August. 

I have attached the All Clubs Calendar. It is possible that we could still put together a valid Multi Round Championship, If the 23rd cannot happen. 

Though it might have to be not all tracks. However obviously we must also consider the possibility that we are unable to run this year. One of the problems is capacity, as we get less overall events for the year, they will have higher attendances, and that makes it harder to ensure that all Championship competitors have fair & equal access to all events.

So stay at home if you feel ill, stay at home if you are a close contact, get tested,  wear a mask and we can still have Club Motor Sport events this year.

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